About Us
The purpose of the Florida Association for Play Therapy, Inc. (FAPT) is to provide a forum for the discussion of play therapy ideas and concerns.
Our objectives are to:
-Seek to advance the discipline of play therapy
-Conduct and foster programs of education in the field of 
play therapy
-Promote sound play therapy practices in the interest of 
society and the individual
-Advance high standards of professional conduct through
educational and professional meetings and conferences
-Inform and educate the general public and the mental health 
community about play therapy
-Establish contacts with various organizations for support 
and educational pursuits
-Advocate for the rights of children, their families, and
significant others
The Florida Association for Play Therapy 
2014-2015 Officers

President: Norma Bonet

Interim Vice-president:  Cary Ballesteros

Interim Treasurer:  Harold Gonzales

Secretary:  Rocio Mehallis

Member-at-large:  Judith Wiseman

Member-at-large: Meredith Forman

Student Representative:  Mindy Parsons

Immediate Past President:  Larry Rubin

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